Training Session 4: Latte Art-1 Hour

Training Session 4: Latte Art-1 Hour

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Training on milk based espresso drinks provides the Barista with the skill and consistency to master the steam wand of a commercial La Marzocco machine. We will cover the techniques involved in producing a range of micro-foam in milk, and demonstrate how this process affects flavour. Milk temperature and its effect on the coffee will be shown, alongside how the ratio of espresso to milk characterises and defines the coffee we drink. 

You will also be taught best practices for pouring latte art and how to produce a range of designs. 
This course is designed to build on the Barista's espresso knowledge, broadening the skill-set in coffee menu delivery.


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Training sessions take place at our Roastery in

Wrights mower centre, Dunsbridge Turnpike, Royston SG8 6RB

All Bookings must be made 48 Hours in advance. 

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