The Thumper / DECAF BLEND

The Thumper / DECAF BLEND

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  • Decaffeinated using sparkling water process 
  • tasting notes of Red fruit, hazelnuts and milk chocolate.

All the Flavour none of the Buzz...

Just like Jimmy Heath's classic album The Thumper, this coffee has all the satisfying jazzy flavour you want, without getting your nerves jangled. 

Because, you know what's worse than no caffeine? 

Too much caffeine.

Well, no. Not really. No caffeine is actually pretty atrocious. BUT sometimes you can have too much. Luckily, caffeine doesn't really contribute to the flavour of a coffee.

So great tasting coffee without the sleepless nights is possible!

Why do I hate decaf then?

Decaf isn't as popular- So ordering a decaf espresso a few years ago might have meant you were served old stale beans ground last week by the dodgy back-up grinder. (after coffee quality, grind is the next big influencer of taste.) Also, decaffeination costs money. So to keep the cost of decaf beans competitive, cheap low grade coffee would be used, and then roasted nice and dark to cover up those faulty flavours.


You guessed it, If you use a premium quality bean and treat it with the same respect as a regular buzzy-bean, you'll get a coffee that taste just as good! 

I heard decaf will give me cancer.

Well, we certainly hope not. Concerns were raised that known carcinogens are used as chemical solvents to remove caffeine from beans. However ALL the decaf we buy is processed either using the swiss water process or using CO2. Both are entirely harmless. 


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