Hario Coffee Mill Slim

Hario Coffee Mill Slim

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A Burr-iliant Grinder...

Sorry. Bad puns aside, you really need burrs if you're gonna grind.

Blades just don't cut it. HA. 

It's all down to the size of your coffee grinds. Blade grinders are basically mini blenders. They'll bounce the coffee around and chop the beans like a blind Samurai, resulting in big bits and tiny bits and every size in-between.

But what you really want is a nice even grind.. Why?

Extraction time:

Different size particles extract at different rates resulting in an unfocused and not so tasty brew. Even extraction rates give a focused flavour and provide better control over what you draw from the beans.

Can't you just grind it for me? 

Yes! For sure! This is certainly a better option than using a blade grinder, the re-sealable bags will keep your coffee good for a month of brewing, but some of those really exciting flavours that make the cup sing will dissipate after 4-5days. ( We've done taste tastes.)

Fresh really is best!

  • Ceramic Burr Set (no chance of rust)
  • Easy to adjust grind size
  • Compact & Lightweight (take it camping!)
  • Not suitable for Espresso



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