Guatemala - La Bosques

Guatemala - La Bosques

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Bosques de San Francisco


Francis Dalton


1,600 masl

Varietal Type 

Bourbon + Caturra SHB


Washed Patio Dried

Farm History

The Dalton family honours its coffee growing heritage as Finca Filadelfia was the first farm in Antigua. The farm originally was used for cochinille and in 1864 transitioned to coffee with Manuel Matheau. Amidst a country wide devastating recession, Manuel Matheu borrowed the land at Filadelfia initially with the hope to start growing coffee in 1864. After returning from London where he sold his first crop, he was commissioned by the President to show small farmers how to grow coffee. The passion for coffee has been passed down 6 generations. Marta’s great grandmother Elisa ran the farm until she was 95 years old. Today my grandfather, Francis and his little brother Roberto are involved in the coffee harvest.

With so much history, coffee has definitely had its ups and downs. We are very excited to start sharing some of the good “coffee” times together.

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