Ethiopia - Burtukaana (Natural)
Ethiopia - Burtukaana (Natural)
Ethiopia - Burtukaana (Natural)

Ethiopia - Burtukaana (Natural)

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MASL - 1950 - 2150

Tasting Notes:

Classic and very characteristic natural. Vibrant and structured. For those who wants a very distinctive and defined natural. Complex brightness, tasting notes of passion fruit, wine, grapefruit, sweet lime and hops. Dry finish.

 This coffee is from a privately owned washing station, Sede washing station is owned by Alemayehu. He is also owning his own farms, one of which is delivering and processing cherry here. We have cupped through a lot of different coffees from Alemayehu and found some fantastic lots that we are glad to share with you.

This lot stood out for its warming spice and citrus fruits, so much sweetness and structure.

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