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COLOMBIA - Rio Magdalena / (Mandarin & Cane Sugar)

COLOMBIA - Rio Magdalena / (Mandarin & Cane Sugar)

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  • Washed Castillo and Colombia varietals
  • 1740 MASL
  • Flavour notes of mandarin and cane sugar with a jammy body

Colombia is home to some excellent growing regions, with consistent rainfalls, humidity, high temperatures, & high altitudes, However the majority of coffee from Colombia is made up of microlots from independent farmers, by time it reaches a dry mill for export it can be a mix bag in terms of quality. The Speciailty trade focuses on more traceability and systems to ensure the high quality crops reach the market intact. In doing so, the lots can demand higher prices &a better return for the farmers involved.This particular crop comes from the El Diviso farm in Huila.