Brazil - Santa Lucia
Brazil - Santa Lucia
Brazil - Santa Lucia

Brazil - Santa Lucia

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900 - 1250 MASL


Yellow Bourbon




Carno De Minas

Tasting Notes:

Plum, Citrus, Milk chocolate and macadamia

Origin info:
Owner Hélcio Carneiro Pinto first started helping his mother on their farm with the production of the coffee and tending to the crop, whilst still a teenager. In 1976, Hélcio married with Glycia Pereira Carneiro, which initiated him beginning to manage the farm and continuing the processes that had been passed on to him. At this time there was little access to education and knowledge of coffee farming or about the specialty coffee market. This changed in the 90’s with Hélcio looking to advance his coffee production and that of the Mantiqueira region. He became a founding member of the Aprocam – Association of Coffee Producers of Mantiqueira. The group worked with scientists and began to pioneer processing pulped natural coffees of quality, on a large scale, with the knowledge passed on by the scientists. This development has continued year after year, with Hélcio continuing his education through visiting other farms and countries to learn the nuances in coffee farming.

Once picked the coffee is pulped with floaters removed, it is then centrifuged to remove all water before the beans are laid out on the patio to dry for 10 – 15 days, depending on the weather. Sometimes if there is too much rain the coffee will be mechanically dried where the temperature is monitored closely to ensure it never rises above 40°C. Once dried it is then allowed to rest before being milled and bagged for export.

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