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BOLIVIA - Uchumachi / (Tropical fruit, Wine Gums, Berry)

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Caturra and Typica


White Honey


1500 - 1650 MASL

Tasting notes

Tropical fruit, Wine gums, Berry

*Organic Certified*

Bolivia has the potential to produce truly great coffees, and already does in very small quantities. The country's entire production is smaller than that of one of Brazils larger coffee farms. Production is shrinking year on year, and coffee farms are disappearing at an alarming rate. We may soon see coffees from Bolivia (especially great ones) almost disappear.

Bolivia is ideal for coffee crops, but its topography means export and production are difficult - The old route from La Paz to Coroico is knows as the worlds most dangerous road

The best Bolivian coffees tend to be very clean and very sweet and this example is both! 

When brewed you can expect incredible complexity, Red wine gums and berry flavours.