Finca Buenos Aries - Colombia (Micro-lot)

Finca Buenos Aries - Colombia (Micro-lot)

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26 hrs. Parchment / Sun dried


Caturra, Castillo


Medium creamy smooth body, well balanced sweet panela and honey, lemon grass, acidity of manzana

Alfredo is a very passionate about his farm and produces some wonderful coffees. his family having being sent to Gaitania by the old government like many other families for disagreeing with their policies. Alfredo family like many other families stayed in Gaitania, became farmers working side by side with the Paez, and producing some of Colombia's finest micro-lots.

We would like to send a massive thanks to John at The Green Collection for introducing us to these amazing micro-lots. This is the very first time, we are working directly with farms to help create a better community and living for the friends and family of Alfredo. 


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