Brazil  Serra Das Araras

Brazil Serra Das Araras

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REGION Sao Paulo, Sao Tomas De Quino Alta Mogiana
VARIETY Yellow Bourbon 
ALTITUDE 1100 masl
FARM Serra Das Araras 
Smooth velvety Cocoa, a rich and creamy mouthfeel with the delicate sweetness of candied Orange peel.

Serra das Araras operates over two areas of production, one 76-hectare area in São Paulo, and one 57-hectare area in Minas Gerais.

The land is operated by Paulo Roberto Cintra Coelho. The first coffee tree planted on this property was in the 1960s and the Coffee crop has been maintained ever since.

Coffee only arrived in Brazil at some point in the early 1700's, by the 1820's the country it was producing 30% of the global coffee supply and by the 1920's that number had gone up to 80% Brazil’s size and the variety of its landscapes and microclimates allows it incredible production capabilities, and its proximity to the United States make it an obvious and convenient  export-import partner for the Western market.

Changes in weather and climate globally have effected Coffee production in Brazil since the beginning of the 20th century, with heavy rain and frost causing huge damage to coffee crop. However it remains one of the largest coffee producers annually in the World.

Serra das Araras offers a classic Brazilian profile with a twist. A beautiful rich coffee perfect for Espresso or a dark and smooth cup.


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