Brazil - Poco de Caldas

Brazil - Poco de Caldas

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1900 - 2000 MASL



Tasting Notes 

Nuts, Dark Chocolate and Medium Body 

As a result of the great variety of coffees produced by its partner estates, offers not only estate coffees and varietals of their members but also the ‘Pocas de Caldas’ Blend that is available throughout the year in small but guaranteed volumes. This coffee is a blend of natural coffees from various small producers, all of whom are focused on producing the best quality coffee in the region.  All coffees that make it into the blend have been grown in the rich volcanic soil of Poços de Caldas.

The coffees in this blend are carefully mixed to enhance body, aroma and natural sweetness and have been selected according to cupping profile at the Bourbon Specialty cupping lab. The natural process used for all the coffees contributes a unique fruitiness with clean acidity. It works equally well as an espresso or as a base for filter coffees.

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