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Bolivia - Calama, Irupana

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    1500 - 1700 MASL


    Typica and Bourbon

    Tasting Notes:

    Apricot, peach and dried papaya. Very floral and complex. Sweet and creamy, with a juicy acidity.

    Origin Info:

    Calama is located in Caranavi, the coffee capital of Bolivia, within the lush forest of the Yungas region. Los Yungas is home to the famous so-called "Death Road", which follows the Andes Mountains as they flow from the dry Altiplano to the lush green forest of the Amazon jungle. All the coffee has to travel this treacherous road to be processed and exported from the capital, La Paz.

    This unique region has two climates and is home to the most fertile soil - consequently it is where the majority of coffee in Bolivia is produced. Calama is located at between 1550 and 1700 masl and coffee is grown on plots of around 1-3 hectares. Other crops grown on the local farms include citrus fruits, coca and papaya, and no chemicals are used.

    Once picked, cherries are washed manually, wet fermented for 15-16 hours and then dried on raised beds.

    Every Sunday in Calama is market day, and people come in from their small communities to buy basic goods to stock up for the week; all kinds of potatoes, pastas, quinoa, vegetables, toilet paper, dried Llama's all there. The majority of the population in Calama is native, and vibrant colours and bowler hats compliment the scene at this beautiful market.

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