Ethiopia - Aricha (Natural)
Ethiopia - Aricha (Natural)

Ethiopia - Aricha (Natural)

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1950 - 2150 MASL 




Kumie, Dega, Wolisho 


October - January 


Blueberry, Jasmine, Smooth Finish.

Gedeo extends south from the Sidama zone, is surrounded by the Oromia region with Guji bordering to the East. Situated in the Ethiopian Highlands which has little altitude falling below 1500masl, and is home to Ras Dashen, the highest mountain in Ethiopia, 10th highest in Africa. In Ethiopia, neighbourhoods known as kebele’s are grouped to form woredas, woredas into zones, and zones into regions. It is common to find variation amongst spellings of places due to the language not readily translating in to western languages, often leading to different interpretations of spellings.

The Aricha washing station collects coffee from around 300 small garden farms in the Idido kebele, where the cherries are delivered for initial grading before processing. They are spread in thin layers on raised beds under the sun, and turned frequently in the first few days to ensure even drying before a further

4 to 5 week drying period, they are then dehulled and bagged. Coffee is then stored in parchment until sold, when it is dry milled and bagged for export.

The varieties themselves are often referred to as heirloom, though, having high genetic diversity means that what is heirloom in one area is not a guarantee of the same characteristics as an heirloom from another region. Kumie is often labelled as yirgacheffe or yirgacheffe type, and is quite a small bean, whilst dega is more widely spread and wolisho typical in the highlands. The numerical varieties, identified by the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre are all compact bushes originally described in 1974, exhibiting disease resistance and 74110 in particular exhibiting high flavour potential with 74110 and 74112 achieving high desirability in overall cup quality.

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